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COMPLETE Keep records of family, offerings, financial and attendance information.
UP-TO-DATE Inquiries and reports can be produced over specified date ranges.
SECURITY Password protect each sub-system.
MULTI USERS The system will run on a local PC, local area network (LAN) or with remote access software.
FREE SUPPORT For free technical support and training email or call (613)360-4061
BILINGUAL Display screens and produce reports in either English or French.

Family sub-system

Information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, dates (birthdays, baptisms, etc.) and photos can be used to produce various reports and mailing labels. Membership information can be imported. The user can use membership status, sex, and family rank (ie. husband, wife, dependant, or youth) as selection criteria to produce the following:

  • Selective family lists.

  • Family and member photos can be stored for each member.

  • Selective phone directories by family (optionally print family photos).

  • Selective email/fax/phone directories by family member (optionally print members' photos).

  • Selective lists by various dates.

  • Labels by mailing list or random.

  • Envelope Number List.

  • Maintain records of resource materials.

  • Offerings sub-system

    Offerings information can be recorded for family members and assigned to an unlimited number of user defined receipt categories.

  • Create an unlimited number of receipt categories.

  • Inquiries by category or member.

  • Budgets
  • .
  • Pledges
  • .
  • Receipt lists (by date/category, date/member's name and date/envelope number, etc.)
  • .
  • Tax Receipts
  • .

    Financial sub-system

    Financial information can be maintained for multiple bank accounts. The user can define an unlimited number of categories within an unlimited number of programs. Deposits and disbursements can be assigned to any of the defined categories.

  • Define an unlimited number of programs (accounts).

  • Define an unlimited number of categories (sub-accounts) within each program.

  • Transactions can be split between multiple programs and categories.

  • Budgets for each program.

  • Budget Inquiries.

  • Balance Sheet.

  • Trial Balance.

  • Bank Reconciliation Report.

  • Financial statements for each program and a summary financial statement.

  • Statistical report.

  • Print cheques.

  • GST and PST report.

  • Inventory
  • .


    Classes sub-system .
    Attendance information can be recorded for individual family members who have been assigned to a class(es) such as Sunday school, Adult Bible class etc. Inquiries can be made on attendance information by class or individual student on a daily, monthly and quarterly basis. The information can be queried and/or reported by department, teacher, class, student and/or date. Family members can be assigned to a class thru either the Family sub-system or the Classes sub-system. In the Family sub-system family reports can be produced for individual classes (eg. phone directories).

    Counts sub-system
    Information (ie. counts and amounts) can be recorded and maintained for up to 16 user defined categories (eg. attendance, offering, number saved, number confirmed) within up to 16 user defined services (ie. Sunday am., Sunday pm., Youth, etc.). Inquiries can be made by service or category.

    Demonstration Program

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    Production Program
    Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
    Family sub-system $159.95 CAD
    Family and Offerings $194.95 CAD
    Financial sub-system $184.95 CAD
    Family and Attendance $184.95 CAD

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    Technical support and training are free, unlimited and available 7 days a week (including evenings and weekends) by email or by calling 1-613-360-4061. If you call we can return your call so you don't have to pay long distance charges.

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    I am writing to thank Richmond Software for their unending support with the use of the Church Management System. We have been using this program since 2001 with great success! The program has provided us with countless ways to monitor our envelope givings and church family lists. Since it is so easy to follow and administer, technical support is not often required. However, when it is necessary, Richmond Software has always been very quick to respond and extremely helpful. I have never been left without an immediate solution to the few problems we've encountered. We have just recently purchased the Financial Portion of the program and our Treasurer will soon make the transition from manual accounting. We anticipate the same exemplary satisfaction that we have encountered with the Family & Givings portion. Thanks Richmond Software for your friendly, courteous assistance and for making my job so much easier!!

    Linda Watson
    St. Columba Anglican Church

    I have been an avid user of the Church Management System by Richmond Software since 1995, and have been very impressed with the continued updating that has happened over the years allowing me to expand my Church records when needed. I have found Richmond Software excellent to work with and have found that at anytime they will make themselves available to help and answer any and all questions. I would like to recommend the Church Management System to Churches, Businesses or Organizations that are looking for a software program that will meet there needs above there expectations.

    Reverend Ross Kingston
    Prince Edward County Wesleyan Church

    We have had the privilege of working with Richmond Software since its inception in 1992. I have watched the many changes that have taken place with each revision. What began as a simple project has now expanded to include a very concise and easy to learn Church Management System. We have never had a problem that was not addressed. The solution has always quickly been suggested. We also found that the documentation file is clearly laid out to explain how each part of the program functions. I have no problem recommending this program.

    Reverend Brad Montsion
    Fountaingate Christian Assembly

    We have been using the Church Management System by Richmond Software since 2000, and with every upgrade the job of treasurer gets easier. The neat thing about this product is that we have an input into the upgrades that are made. Richmond Software has been extremely responsive to our questions, whether by email or telephone. As the prime user of the software at our church, I highly recommend the Church Management System to any Church or Organizations that is looking for an quality inexpensive solution for their financial accounting processes.

    Bertram Francis
    First Church Of God